We are…

Sissy Christofidou and Akis Varsamis.

Proud parents of three wonderful children and five lovely four-legged kids. Our three natural children, Akis, Aris and Dafni are complemented by Lefki and Fryni, two constantly energetic half-breed dogs, and three purring Persian cats, Darius, Roxanne and Soraya.

Our occupation and love for pets and their care from a very early age, led us at some point in our lives when it was possible for us to choose a profession, to follow the wise saying: “Pick a profession you love and you won’t have to work a single day in your life.”

After extensive studies in pet grooming, we used our knowledge and experience to create a friendly professional business environment, which includes:

  • A grooming parlour, where the care for our clients – pets is conducted with all hygiene and safety regulations, and
  • A boutique, where, in collaboration with famed manufacturers in the world market, we try to cover all their possible needs, with finesse and good taste.

This is where we wait for you to entrust us with the care of your "four-legged kids", and we promise that we shall do everything in our power to keep both kids and parents happy.

The philosophy that best describes what we stand for is in our motto, “loving care for your pet”.

Pet Design